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Take control of your food for a Nutritional Life

Juliette believes that, in taking control of our food, we start to understand what we are really eating and what it does to our bodies. This in turn sets us on the path to a life of good nutrition.

Much of our food is pumped with sugar and saturated fat but, by learning how to understand food labels and what the body truly needs to function well, we can all take back control of what we are eating.

A balanced diet brings many rewards, from simple weight loss and wellbeing to managing more complex issues like diabetes, cholesterol and heart health. It can also restore a sense of self-respect, inner confidence and renewed energy.

A tailor-made eating plan

Focusing on balance and moderation, Juliette works with her clients to apply a set of simple principles which enable them and their families to enjoy healthy, nutritional meals for the rest of their lives.

Juliette is a firm believer that healthy food needn’t be boring or joyless. In fact, nutritional meals can be delicious, easy to make and part of our long-term lifestyles.

Each consultation is tailor-made for the individual client. This could be anything from regular sessions over several weeks, to a one-off session to get someone back on track.

As Juliette herself says: “There are few things more rewarding than seeing children trying new food, parents gaining confidence, and families relaxing over stress-free mealtimes. This makes me truly happy.”

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